Plum Beach (East & West): Brooklyn

Monitoring Site Adopted By: New York City Audobon

Site Coordinators:   

     Kaitlyn Parkins           (646)666-8903      email:


ALL participants must complete and submit a Adult-Risk-Waiver.pdf & Volunteer-Agreement.pdf to the site cordinator prior to monitoring.

*Please Note; July sample dates may not be necessary if the spawning season ends in June.

Please download site specific protocol

Quadrat Protocol.pdf

Quadrat Combined.pdf

Directions to Plum Beach: LIE East to Cross Island Parkway South (exit 30). Take ClP South to Belt Parkway West. Merge onto Belt Pkwy [Pass Kennedy airport & Gateway National recreation area]. When you get to Flatbush Ave slowdown, and look for next exit: Knapp Street/Sheepshead Bay (Exit 9). Take Knapp St exit 9 and go to first light, make a left and cross over Belt, go to end of street and turn left to get back onto Belt Pkwy East (this is basically a U-turn). Take next unlabeled exit off Belt Pkwy which leads into Plum Beach Parking lot (Brown Bath house in parking area).